Welfare Organisations in Alberton

There are a multitude of welfare organisations in Alberton that are doing amazing work in our community with very little support, if any, from government organisations.  To make matters worse, very few people know where to spend their welfare money wisely.  We even hear reports of people opening their homes for vagrants to bath and have a meal.  This is very generous but extremely dangerous!  Rather invest your time and money in registered welfare and non-profit organisations that are already doing amazing work:

Tutela: Tutela Alberton (formerly known as Alberton CMR) aims to protect, support and uplift children, families and other vulnerable groups in the community. Contact them on 011 907 2922.

TUTELA: Visit them in 18 Lenin Street in Raceview.

Amcare: In association with the Methodist Church of Southern Africa, Amcare achieves the seemingly impossible with activities extending from Alberton to Thokoza. Contact them on 011 869 5856.

AMCARE: They are located in New Market Park, Corner Ascot Road, 15 Heidelberg Road, Alberton.
Door of Hope: A non-profit organisation who saves abandoned babies. Contact them on 011 432 2797.

DOOR OF HOPE: They are located at 15 Barbara Avenue, Glenvista, Johannesburg South.
Alberton Child Welfare: They are a volunteer-driven organisation who provide child protection services that promote, protect and enhance the safety, well-being and healthy development of children. Their number is 011 907 3004.
ORGANISATION: They are situated at 42 First Avenue, Alberton North.

Ligstad: Ligstad, a non-profit organisation with a mandate to lend a helping hand to children and the elderly in need, is asking the public to sponsor an item(s) for their new classroom, or make a donation. They can be contacted on 011 907 0518.
LIGSTAD: If you want to help them, they are located in 36 Van Riebeeck Avenue, Alberton.

Broken Wings: Broken Wings, a non-profit charity organisation in Alberton. The charity takes care of people with an assortment of challenges and disabilities, mental or physical, or a combination of both. Contact them on 011 869 3415.
BROKEN WINGS: They are situated in 15 Glen Albyn Street, Raceview.

Stepping Stone Hospice: Stepping Stone Hospice & Care Services is an independent, community-driven organisation and the first-ever service of its kind in the greater Alberton area of Ekurhuleni. They provide specialist palliative care to people experiencing the impact of life-limiting illness. Contact them on 010 516 0033.

Alberton SPCA: They are a non-profit organisation and animal shelter, confronting cruelty and promoting the welfare of all animals. They can be contacted on 011 907 1568.

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