Dear Resident


Compliments of the season to you and all your loved ones. May 2021 bring renewed energy and triumphs. In order to ensure that everyone experiences peace, harmony, and health as far as humanly possible, kindly ensure that you, your fellow residents, and all guests adhere to the following protocols.


Refuse Bags: All refuse must be disposed of in a quality refuse bag that will not tear nor leak and has been tied up tightly in order to keep smells and possible pests inside the bag. Under no circumstance may you dispose of refuse without a refuse bag.

Protein-Based Refuse: Diapers, bones, meat/fish leftovers, and all other protein-based refuse in the refuse bin is a major problem if left to brew in the humid weather conditions that we are experiencing. It is preferred that you keep your leftovers in a bag in your freezer or in a colder place in your unit and dispose of them the day before dustbin collections. Alternatively use extra strong bags and ensure that everything is tied up extremely secure.

Refuse must be inside the bin: This request might sound strange to the average health-conscious person, but there are people who do not take the effort to lift the lid and throw the refuse inside the bin. Instead, they leave it to stand next to the bin. There are more than ample dustbins. If the first one you see is full, please move over to the next bin. If the lid of the refuse bin cannot close properly, it means that you have to find another bin to dispose of your refuse.

What if the refuse does not fit? The refuse bins (where applicable) are only for household refuse. You are not allowed to dispose of articles such as furniture or anything else that does not fit in the bin.


As you are aware, South Africa has hit the second wave of Covid-19 with the added strain that is spreading exponentially faster than what we have experienced in the first wave. The following are a combination of current regulation and preventative good practices:

1. You are not allowed to be in a shared space without wearing a mask. The lack of wearing your mask in public spaces is a criminal offense.

2. Stay at home and keep your children indoors/away from social interaction* with fellow children in the complex as far as possible for the time being.  Please ensure that your children understand the ramifications of playing outside with friends.

3. Be conscious of bringing the virus into the complex. Your negligence in shops, at the workplace, or anywhere outside the complex, might not cost your life, but it could cost the lives of your fellow residents or any of their loved ones.

4. Avoid touching anything on the common property, including railings and gates, as far as humanly possible.  

5. The Rosslee Office is working on a preferred-appointment basis for the time being. Give us a call, send an email, or make a request through the Rosslee Online Portal on

It is imperative that we remain as vigilant as humanly possible in order to protect ourselves and those around us.

* Footnote:

We understand that children need to be active and get their daily dose of sunshine.  As part of your 'Be healthier/Spend more time with your Children-New Year's Resolution,' you might want to consider taking your children outside for active-quality time together instead of risking their and your health by letting them to your own devices and in the process, you can tick more boxes on your Wheel of Life.

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