Mould & Mildew: How to prevent it | How to fix it

Mould and mildew are fungi that happily and quickly grow anywhere there are moisture. There is very little difference between mould and mildew; in fact, mildew is just mould in its early stage.

Mould thrives in warm, damp environments and the recent weather definitely encourages the growth of fungus if the conditions are right.

If untreated, mould can lead to further damage to the property and a variety of health issues.

How to prevent mould or mildew

The most common areas for mould to appear are bathrooms and kitchens. This is due to the amount of moisture in these rooms and, more often than not, insufficient ventilation.

Mould around bathtubs and in showers is the number one problem area for many homes and the appearance of mould should be taken as an indication of poor air circulation through these areas. If you make it a habit to open windows and doors regularly, this will greatly reduce the possibility of mould growth.

It is common not to open enough windows during the winter months.  If you find moisture on your windows in the morning after a cold night, it is a good indication that you should be opening more windows.

Excess moisture can also lead to the rusting of steel doors and window frames.

How to deal with mould and mildew

Be sure your bathroom stays well-ventilated. Keep your doors and windows open as far as possible when taking a bath or shower. 

These additional actions will help keep your bathroom fresh and mould-free.

  1. Spread towels out after use so that they dry more quickly.
  2. Minimize containers left in the shower for cleaning ease and better circulation.
  3. Wipe down the bath and shower with a clean towel or squeegee after its last daily use.
  4. Fix dripping taps.
  5. Do not keep wet towels etc lying scrunched up in your laundry basket. 

How to clean mould and mildew

  1. Wash the affected area using a solution of 1/2 cup liquid disinfectant to 4 litres of hot water.
  2. Rinse with a mixture of one cup lemon juice and one cup salt to 4 litres of hot water.
  3. Wash with detergent and bleach (preferably a colour safe bleach).
  4. Purchase a mould remover from your local hardware store and follow their instructions.

As with anything in life, prevention is always better than cure.  

Dry off excess moisture as soon as possible.

Avoid excessive condensation.

If mould does appear, deal with it as soon as possible.

If you are renting from Rosslee and you are battling to get rid of your mould problem, call us on 011 907 2645.

The Rosslee Maintenance Crew would gladly assist with advice and service. 

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