Electricity Usage Calculator

Have you ever wondered how on earth is it possible that I am using so much electricity when I am hardly at home?  If this is you, you are definitely not alone.  Most people do not even consider how much electricity they are using, let alone think about what they can do to reduce their electricity usage.

We have put together an easy to use electricity calculator (spreadsheet) for you to use as a basis for your electricity unit calculations.

How often do you use your geyser?  Only to bath once a day?  Think again.  If you are using your hot water tap to wash your hands, even while the water is still cold, your geyser's heating element switches on and remains on until the water that you have extracted out of the geyser has heated up to the temperature set on your geyser.

Your kettle uses the same amount of electricity as your geyser, with your hairdryer, oven, and iron close on its heels.

How many appliances do you have on standby?  Do you switch your TV off with the remote, or do you physically get up and switch it off manually?  Do you keep your chargers plugged in and switched on, even though the cellphone, shaver or toothbrush is not connected?  Do you switch off your computer or do you keep it on 'sleep'? 

Apart from helping to decrease your electricity bill, we all have a responsibility towards Mother Earth to stop wasting and start saving.

Let's keep on learning and sharing in a bid to save our wallets and our earth.

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